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Integrate Big Data with Your Existing BI Solution

Manage This Data in a Potentially Complex Hybrid Cloud Environment

Traditionally organizations managed their ERP system on premises alongside their data warehouse. But today ERP systems have been broken down into best-of-breed solutions for financials, HR, and procurement and some of these applications are provided as Software as a Service in the cloud. As a result, some organizations are considering hosting their data warehouse in the cloud as well.

Companies are also using external data sources (big data) to help them understand market trends. Gathering business intelligence from big data naturally occurs in the cloud and the data is often stored in a Data Lake which is a data repository in the cloud that holds data in its native format. This webinar will help you adopt techniques to manage this data in a potentially complex hybrid cloud environment.

Topic: Business Intelligence in a Hybrid Cloud Environment
Speaker: Kshitij Kumar, Global VP & CTO, Apps Associates LLC

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How to integrate a cloud-based application with a data warehouse on premises
  • How both your ERP application and data warehouse can work together in the cloud
  • How to integrate big data with your existing business intelligence solution to deliver real insight
  • What is a Data Lake and how you can use it