Deploying High-Performance Database Services
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Deploying High-Performance Database Services


45 Minutes

On – Demand Webinar

Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible database that combines the speed of commercial databases, with the cost-effectiveness of open source databases. In this webinar, we’ll highlight the benefits of Amazon Aurora through the experience of our customer PetTrax.

PetTrax, an Internet of Things startup, is dedicated to the real-time management of pet health. Through working examples, PetTrax will describe how Amazon Aurora provided a scalable database solution that allowed PetTrax to capture, store, feed real-time streams of data, and grow their business, all in a cost-effective way.

Topics We’ll Be Covering:
  • Defining Amazon Aurora
  • Use cases for migrating from existing databases to Amazon Aurora
  • Best practices for MySQL and Oracle to Amazon Aurora migrations

Kshitij Kumar,

Apps Associates
bill stewart

Bill Stewart,

Founder and CEO,

Lynn Ferrante,

BDM, Databases,
AWS Business Development

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