oracle ebs hosting

Oracle EBS Migration from a Hosted, Third-Party Data Center to AWS

Platform Flexibility, Zero Upfront Costs & A Pay-As-You-Go Model

Companies like American Commercial Lines (ACL), a leading US shipping company, are turning to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for their mission critical applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite to reduce costs and improve scalability.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about the benefits of hosting Oracle E-Business Suite on the AWS cloud including:

  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • High availability and performance of the Oracle Database and Applications on AWS
  • Scalable computing and storage
  • Security and control
  • Contract flexibility avoiding multi-year hosting contract
Topic: Hosting Oracle E-Business Suite on the AWS Cloud
Speakers: Michael McGrath, VP Information Technology, ACL
               Thiru Sadagopan, VP Cloud Services, Apps Associates LLC
               Abdul SatharSait, Principal Cloud Solutions Architect, AWS

Who should attend:
  • Director/Manager, Data Center Infrastructure
  • Director/Manager, Applications
  • Technical IT Leaders