Maximize the Value of Your Salesforce Investment

Build a Business Case, Define Project Priority & Align with Your IT Roadmap

So the business bought Salesforce and now your team has to support it. Salesforce is in the cloud, you’ve been told, it shouldn’t require too much effort to maintain, and the business has hired an administrator.

6 months later and your team is stretched thin supporting an application that the business isn’t using. And it’s your fault because your team isn’t able to keep up with enhancements requested by the business.

Well have no fear, we’re here to help.

Topic: Salesforce Governance: Helping Your IT Team Keep Up with the Cloud  
Speakers: Jon Collins, Director, SaaS, Apps Associates LLC

Watch this 30-minute,recorded webinar to learn how you can formally establish a CoE (Center of Excellence) which allows you to:

  • Engage the business and share accountability by clarifying business and IT responsibilities
  • Plan, design and execute an ongoing release process which aligns with IT best practice and business objectives
  • Evaluate new projects hand-in-hand with the business by building a business case, defining the project priority and alignment with your IT program roadmap
  • Use Scrum, supported by the right deployment tools, to deliver releases on-time every time