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Data Center Migration to the Cloud

Data Center Migration to the Cloud: A Customer's Perspective


30 Minutes

On – Demand Webinar

Migrating your data center to the cloud can reduce operating costs, and improve the service you deliver to your clients. However, preparing for migration takes thoughtful planning, and awareness of proven solutions.

By moving their data center to the AWS cloud, RISO Inc. avoided capital intensive hardware purchases and redeployed IT staff to projects that directly supported their business goals. You'll hear about this from the project leader of the RISO data center migration.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to hear from us as we share our insights into data center cloud migration and best practices based on our experience.

What you'll learn:

  • Considerations for moving workloads to the AWS cloud
  • An approach to design and implementation of infrastructure, and application migration
  • Customer case study, RISO Inc., on successful data center migration with Apps Associates

Chris Gatton,

IT Infrastructure and Support
RISO, Inc.

Tom Laszewsk,

Strategic Solution Architect,

Thiru Sadagopan,

VP Cloud Adoption Services,
Apps Associates

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